We want to reassure all visitors to the BTA that our goal is to keep everyone safe and healthy. Below are some steps we are taking:

  • Aircraft and simulators are being disinfected before each use
  • Alcohol wipes are available for customers who prefer to wipe down the interior of the aircraft or simulator themselves
  • Surgical masks are available for flight crew if they choose to wear them
  • Please Note: Evaluations have been conducted and surgical masks do not impair radio or inter-crew communications
  • Please Note: Surgical masks have also been evaluated utilizing crew helmets and found acceptable at the FRC
  • Gloves are available upon request
  • Hand sanitizer is available in public spaces throughout the BTA
  • Larger classrooms are being used to accommodate social distancing among students
  • As classrooms are cleaned, they are locked to prevent anyone from entering in-between classes
  • We are providing boxed lunches for customers rather than the traditional, buffet-style catered lunch
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