1. In the Marketplace tab, navigate to Shop Parts

  2. Once inside of Shop Parts, click on Enter Parts

  3. From here, you can add your parts

  4. Click Create Cart

  5. On the Cart Page, make all your selections

  6. Once complete, click "Get Quote"

7. On the Quote page, you can do the following:

A. Export your Quote
Download your quote in to a usable spreadsheet
B. Clear your Cart
If you no longer need these parts, you can use this feature to remove them
C. Save your Cart
Allows you to come back to the same cart later; allows you to add a description of the contents of the cart
D. Print Quote
Allows you to Save a PDF and Print or Email to share with colleagues
E. Go Back to your Cart
If you need to make changes to the line items before printing, exporting or saving

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