How do I sign up for a virtual course? (Virtual Training Related)

You can sign up for a course by accessing our Learning Management System. We are also available via email at or at 1-800-359-2355, option 4.

How far in advance can I sign up for a course?

You can sign up for a course as soon as it is scheduled.

What is the schedule for theoretical sessions?

theoretical sessions vary by course. Please reference our Learning Management System.

How do I schedule the practical session?

There are multiple ways to schedule the practical session. You can select the practical session that you would like to attend in our Learning Management System, you can email or call 1-800-359-2355, option 4.

Can I change my class after I have already registered?

If you need to change your class once you have signed up, you can do so through our Learning Management System, emailing or calling 1-800-359-2355, option 4.

Will I get a confirmation letter?

Confirmation letters are sent upon registration for a class via email. These letters contain important information about the class and instructions on attending virtual classes. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive it.

What is your cancellation policy?

Click here to read our full cancellation policy.

How soon upon completion of the theoretical session can I schedule my practical session?

Both the theoretical and practical sessions can be scheduled at the same time. However, you must pass the theoretical session before moving on to the practical session.

I can’t take my practical right away; will I be able to review my course information while I wait? (Virtual Training Related)

Each virtual session is recorded, and you can access your class recording up until you take the practical. There is also a mini-refresher course upon arriving at the BTA.

Do you conduct offsite practical sessions?

On occasions, we do conduct offsite practical sessions. Please email or call 1-800-359-2355, option 4.

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