Accessing Maintenance Tab

• To file a claim, submit flight hours, and CAP/Warranty information,

Maintenance access users can sign into their MyBell homepage, choose

the Maintenance tab and go directly to the Maintenance screen.

Why don't I see the Maintenance tab?

• Maintenance access was initially granted to former VISTA users who

previously had it. To request “Maintenance” access, send an email to

Why don’t my aircraft in the Maintenance tab match my aircraft in the Marketplace tab?

• The aircraft listed in the Maintenance tab are the aircraft you own, whereas

the Marketplace tab also show the aircraft you have a relationship with.

One of my aircraft is missing, how can I add it to my account?

•Please submit a case using the "Missing Aircraft" option. Provide as much

information as possible such as registration, serial number, maintenance

contract, etc.

Where can I view the claims made by other users in my company?

• We are currently working on that functionality. When it is resolved, you will

be able to view all claims made by other users in your company.

Is there a way to see if an aircraft is still under warranty?

•You can view your warranty information in the "My Aircraft" section inside

the Maintenance tab. If your aircraft is not under warranty, you will

receive a warning message when you try to submit a claim.

When I make a claim, where can I see the Airway Bill (AWB) Number or tracking information?

• The Airway Bill (AWB) will be on the shipping document. You can also go

to the Return Material Authorization (RMA) section to add your own AWB

if you are returning a part or see tracking information related to the


How do I claim freight costs when I return a part?

• In the warranty process, you can add anticipated freight or labor costs to

your claim. Please specify that those are anticipated or known charges

when you submit your claim.

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