Payment Methods and Checking Out

What payment methods can I use to purchase my orders?

  • You will be able to pay with a credit card or through your account “on-account” with Bell.

Will I have to prepay if I use a credit card?

  • Yes, you will be required to prepay and add a ship to address.

Is there a fee to check out with a credit card?

  • There is no fee to use a credit card.

Will there be a fee for AOG orders?

  • There is no fee to place an AOG order.

Is there a limit to how much I can spend on a credit card?

  • Yes, $100,000 per transaction.

Can I create a quote in MyBell to price parts?

  • You cannot create quotes in MyBell for individual parts. However, you can build a cart and receive your price estimate through the total displayed in the cart

What is an Ultimate Consignee?

  • Ultimate Consignees purchase parts on behalf of other parties. You must fill out this section if you are purchasing for someone else.

Shipping Information

What are the three order priorities I can select from when I order a part?

  • Routine - Requested ship dates must be at least 7 days out

  • Workstop - Requested ship dates can be 3 to 6 days out

  • AOG - Requested ship date can be "Today" and "Tomorrow"

What is the difference between "AOG" and "Workstop"?

  • "AOG" stands for "Aircraft on Ground." This means you cannot fly until your aircraft is repaired. "Workstop" means your maintenance cannot be completed without the necessary part.

Can I place an order from a different supply center other than my default center? 

  • Yes, you can order from whichever supply center you choose. Please keep in mind that you may incur additional shipping costs.

I have specific instructions for my order, how do I communicate those instructions?

  • There is an order notes section where you can enter specific instructions.

Are we able to set up defaults for shipping on the new My Bell site? 

  • You will always have a default shipping address and you can add additional ship-to addresses. If you need to change your default address, please reach out to order administrator.

Can we choose our shipping carrier?

  • We recommend FedEx, but you are welcome to use any carrier you wish.

Is there a limit to the amount of ship to addresses I can have? 

  • No, you can have as many ship-to addresses as you need.

When making a drop shipment to a customer, what documents will be included? 

  • The same documents as always. For example, order information. If you have any additional questions, please contact your order administrator.

On Vista, I can change my shipping date when I am completing my order. Will I be able to do that on MyBell?

  • You will not be able to change the shipping date. If you need to make changes, reach out to your order administrator. 

Customs regulations in some countries require a commercial invoice, will MyBell generate the commercial invoice?

  • You will receive a commercial invoice, but it is packaged with the parts and not on

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