The MyBell Tech Pubs portal provides an offline feature that allows for Bell Technical Publications to be accessed without an internet connection. 

The Bell TechPubs Offline Viewer allows you to download and store documents on your computers local storage and then view them at your convenience with or without an internet connection. When connected to the internet, the system checks the revision status of your documents and notifies you if updates are required.

If updates are required, click the Start Update button to initiate the update. Status icons are available on your My Library page and on the table of content pages, of the application, to give you an overview of your library status.

As the Offline Library feature requires downloading of documents from the internet, users need to take note of the Estimated Download Size requested versus the capability of their internet connection, and the time required to download the data.

INSTALLATION OF THE OFFLINE LIBRARY                                          (*Windows Only)

  1. The Bell Offline TechPubs Viewer is a Bell application that stores the publications on your computer for offline use. This can be downloaded on MyBell, by logging in, selecting Technical Publications, My Library, then the “Download the Bell Offline TechPubs” button. You may need to contact your MyBell administrator for access to MyBell and Technical Publications.

  2. Run the downloaded BellOffline.exe file. You may need to run the program as an Administrator on your device depending on your device and network settings.

  3. Select your language preference.

  4. Select if you would like the application to be user specific or downloaded to the computer for all users.

  5. Select “Finish” to complete installation and close the installation window. The application will appear as a shortcut on your desktop. Select the shortcut to open it.


Once the installation of the Offline TechPubs is complete, activate the Offline Library by logging into the application with your MyBell credentials, selecting My Library and clicking on the Activate the Offline Library button.

  1. Select the publications from My Library or from each model’s table of contents. 

  2. Once you have made your selections navigate back to My Library and select Start Update to download the publications. 

  3. Make sure you have a green check mark beside each document you want to access offline. 

  4. To access the documents offline, close or disable your internet connection or unplug your network cable. Navigate to the Bell Offline TechPubs application shortcut. Click on the “Go Offline” button. You will now be viewing your documents offline!

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