Complimentary ePub access per model will be granted to: 

  • Owners/Operators for the duration of an active Warranty or CAP period

  • Customer Service Facilities and Authorized Maintenance Facilities for certified models

  • Independent Representatives

  • Aviation/Regulatory Authorities  

In all other cases, MyBell users will be able to purchase a one-year subscription to our ePub suite for a $500 fee per model series. This subscription applies to an unlimited number of users under your account. 

Complimentary paper flight manuals and subscriptions will be granted to aircraft owners/operators.

  • One complimentary paper flight manual kit is provided at each new aircraft delivery. 

  • One complimentary revision subscription for the flight manual kit will be available for each serialized aircraft. 

  • This subscription will be set up at the completion of the New Ship Delivery report for new aircraft deliveries. 

  • For owners/operators of used aircraft please email proof of aircraft ownership to and request this free subscription. 

If your paper flight manual kit is out of date and copies of previous revisions are required to update your flight manual kit please email stating your aircraft serial number, which revisions are needed, your shipping address and replacement revisions can be provided. 

PLEASE NOTE! Bell will only provide up to three revisions to update your flight manual kit at no cost. If your flight manual kit is more than three revisions out of date, missing or unserviceable new flight manual kits are available on the MyBell Technical Publications Marketplace for purchase.

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