• Navigate to the My Company page on the portal
  • Click on “Add User”
  • Fill in the user’s information along the new row, including the accesses that this user should be granted, and click “Add”
  • This user has now been generated an email to complete their registration by setting up their password.

Curious what the different access levels mean? 

You will also see in the user chart, columns marked “M”, “T”, “A”, and “AA”. Checking the buttons in these columns is how you will grant access for users to different areas of MyBell. See below for a definition of these accesses:

T: Technical Publications

  • This grants a user access to all of the technical manuals your company has access to. 

M: Marketplace 

  • This grants a user access to the Marketplace where they can purchase electronic and paper publication subscriptions along with a few other miscellaneous products. This access allows the user to purchase these products with a credit card.

A: On Account Purchase

  • If your company has a credit line with Bell, you will be able to grant a user access to make purchases in the Marketplace on your company’s credit line. Check this box to grant a user the ability to purchase products from the Marketplace on your company’s account. 

AA: Admin Access

  • Companies can have multiple administrators to help with approving and creating new users. Check this box to grant a user administrator rights for your company’s MyBell account.
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